Becoming Circle Makers

Inspired by the book, The Circle Maker by Pastor Mark Batterson (as discussed in my previous post), our LGC family will begin a four-week study on the subject of prayer during the month of February.

For the four Sunday mornings, Andy will share messages along this theme. And since “hearing the Word” is not enough according to James 1:22, but God wants us to act on what we hear, we are going to have an opportunity to corporately act on what we’ve learned.

On Wednesday nights in February (8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th), we will come together for a one-hour study on the subject based on a DVD curriculum hosted by the book’s author, Pastor Mark Batterson from National Community Church in Washington, D.C. After the study, we will take time to pray circles around our families, our church, our businesses, our dreams, and our futures. We will learn how to pray God’s promises over our situations, and hold on to those promises until we see God’s answer.

Join us on Sundays at 10:30 AM for messages that will inspire you to believe that God’s promises are for you and equip you to stand firm in them as they are your promises to hold onto.

Join us on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM for a small group that will equip you to put into practice what you learn. We need people to sign up for the small group especially if you will be making use of the childcare.

* Childcare will be available for the Wednesday evening hour. We will take up an offering to pay the babysitters. 

** The Circle Maker book will be available for sale at LGC starting Sunday, January 22nd for $12 (regularly priced $19.99). 

*** The Circle Maker Participant’s Guide is available at Hoerr’s Berean bookstore for $9.99. This is a supplemental guide that will help you in the small group discussions and is recommended, but not required. 


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About Andy Brown

I am: * A follower of Christ (a relationship I truly don't deserve) * A husband to a beautiful wife (who is waaaaaaaaaaaay out of my league) * A father of five amazing whipper-snappers (that's right, I said five. I really like my wife ;-) * A sports enthusiast (go Huskers! Royals! Chiefs!) * A man who is learning what it means to truly "live by faith." (I know what it means to fail and I'm learning that faithfulness to my Savior and living in His amazing grace are the secrets to success.)

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